Sexercise involves regular forms of exercise that seek to enhance health and sexual performance. While sexercise is usually performed with a partner, solitary masturbation might be considered sexercise if done athletically for health and fitness.

Exercise generally, and sexercise in particular, is known to improve and quicken the flow of oxygenated blood, in higher and consistent amounts, along with other beneficial chemical compounds, particularly to the genitalia, which is important for fertility and important during intercourse.

Common sexercise programs range from weight training to aerobic and cardiovascular routines. Sexercise also enhances flexibility which is important to enable and enhance the performance of certain sexual positions – most often, spreading the legs during missionary and arching the back for doggy style – not unlike a number of the poses practised in other forms of exercise such as yoga.

We all know its much more fun to romp between the sheets than go to the gym. But if we combine the two – sex and the gym – an explosion or two … or even more, is guaranteed!

Trust me I know…

I once presented a show on the Health and Fitness Channel titled the ‘domestic gym’, in which we sought to make household chores look sexy and inviting. Now, I have to admit, if I was offered sex to burn the calories instead of housework, I’d take up the offer in a heart-beat!


It’s common knowledge that the better you feel in yourself, the more sex you want … and need. One of the benefits of exercise is it makes you want to have sex more, which in turn means more sex you need – and so the happy cycle continues.

 And with all the extra energy and endorphins flowing around there’s no better way to use them up than by having sex. Let’s also not forget sex and exercise are both natural anti-depressants.

So why not jump into bed and make someone  (and yourself) happy today … say I told you so!

In future articles, I will provide advice for women and men on how to improve your sex life, so stay tuned..

I am qualified in yoga, pilates, advanced personal training, motivation and adherence, healthy eating and planning, certified through YMCA governing body, United Kingdom.