You may have seen recent social media posts regarding the launch of the new podcast PURELY WOMAN via my social media page House of Ardent or in conversation.

I will be discussing various thought provoking and factual information on Sex, Dating, Menopause, Pleasure Products, Women’s Health, Fetish, Pornography and everything in between. As long as it involves me, it involves sex talk!

We here at PURELY WOMAN are beginning to put together a list of interview spots as part of the first eleven part first series and wanted to know if you would be interested in being featured for either a lead article on of our episodes or for one of the second small mini interviews within an episode.

The podcast has been already put forward and agreed for network syndication which will give it the widest possible coverage, and our venture has taken us by surprise and we are beyond excited to begin this journey!

Our aim is to distribute through a carefully crafted PR strategy using social media platforms, press and podcast platforms.

Key Media Titles

Media target titles need to be broken into three clear areas; consumer, online and social. These will be targeted with a clear strategy to enhance your brand through the PURELY WOMAN podcast profile and affiliate program.

The advertising will be addressed through one to one interviews with yourself and key experts discussing your product which is aimed at women and provide with an affiliate link back to your own website alongside written up articles pitched to many mainstream media outlets.

Food sex talk

Sponsorship and Marketing

To maximise this network syndication we are offering a few selected sponsorship opportunities, which may be of interest to you.

There is one main series sponsor for the 11 podcast. This would offer the sponsor’s message at the beginning and end of each eleven episodes  with one featured lead article and one mini interview for £2,500.

With ten feature articles where we talk in depth about the sponsor, their products/services, my review of the chosen product/ service the cost is £250. 

Up to ten mini interviews to promote the sponsor and their product/ service of choice the cost is £100.

I am confident we can work together on promoting your product aimed at our listeners at mass delivery. This show is about informative, social, fun, sometimes humorous and interactive discussions with our guests and sponsors to provide a great podcast to listeners.

About Lianne

Lianne began her mainstream TV career in 2002 appearing on shows such as The James Whale Show, The Jeremy Kyle, The Trisha Goddard Show, Sex after Marriage, 21st Century Sex and several other mainstream productions as a Sex and Relationships advisor and Pornography expert. She is also a regular contributor on these topics for mainstream media including The Mail, The Sun, The Metro and various other recognised publications. Lianne, also attends AVN and XBIZ events covering up to date product launches and interviews.

Qualified in Sex and Relationships, Sexual Health and Pleasure product marketing, she also works as voluntary mental health counselor for the Adult Entertainment Industry to which she regularly writes articles on these related subjects. If you wish to see more about Lianne please visit

I look forward to hearing back from you and hope to be chatting soon in one of my podcast episodes.