Sex comes in many forms – “quick sex”, “solo sex”, “gourmet sex”, “group sex”, “excuse sex”, “make up sex”, “headache sex”, “rather sleep sex” and so on… Thank god, now I can add to the list “all you can eat sex” and, my favourite, “happy sex”!

After all, sex is so nourishing – even if just for the soul and our senses. Laughter is released, the look of love is given, and the taste of lust and the hearing of sweet nothings are a fine mix to warm the soul and mind and make you feel mighty fine in every way. Simple cuddle sex can be equally enjoyable. Not everything is about hard work, fast, fantasies and lots of new partners. Just as you can wear out your hands working hard all day, full on frenetic sex every time can wear thin also.

As we grow older, sex can become more enjoyable. Yes, you heard me right… sex may become slower but it definitely becomes more enjoyable. My all time favorite has to be the “warm me up under the cover sex” during the winter, and “supply me with fine chocolate and cocoa before giving me more sex”!

So many people make the excuse of having a headache to avoid sex when, in fact, the opposite is true. Sex will release tension and relieve the headache!

As we get older we should be looking at sex with appreciation. It is an opportunity to stay young, and of course, to get our rocks off and keep our health in check. Sex is so good for us it needs to be promoted and shared a lot more than it is!

Over the years, public perception has been that as we age, sex becomes less important,
less enjoyable and less frequent. That is simply not true. As mentioned above, actually sex becomes better…. Trust me when I say there is nothing better than “happy sex”. And as we get older it transforms through the years. We gain new experiences, get to live fantasies, and experiment with sex – all with less drama involved because of our maturity. As we mature, we can add more layers to the mix without the insecurities that often held us back in younger, less experienced days – you remember those days don’t you – feelings of fulfilment. As you become older, you can start looking at sex as an all you can eat buffet rather than a side salad!

The zimmer frame does not look so unappealing now. I know I am most likely going to be leaning over mine in my 90s and still having great and frequent sex! Just ask Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, who appear to never stop enjoying sex, what is their secret!

Couples that grow together are most likely to have sex once a week compared with single people who go from once a week-once a month-once a year if they’re lucky! Finding my very own “grow old and have sex with” partner is definitely at the top of my agenda!

Sex toys shopping has also become so popular these days. This has made it much easier to attract a female than having to use the appeal of a new car. There are so many more attractive mechanical devices now to help attract and arouse her – and unlike a car, they don’t need such expensive batteries!

The sex industry and merchandising side of things used to be male dominated. Now, single females and older couples represent about 10% of the market in the last year alone. It seems people are becoming more open about sex, erotic sex, oral sex, sex toys and even paid sex, not to mention sex parties.
It seems to me the media is opening the door to the wonderful world of sex, and encouraging people to experiment. And, of course, this is something I have been advocating and doing for the last 25 years. Trust me, my life exploring the wonderful world of sex has been very, very happy. And right now, I am the happiest I have ever been. Seriously, you have so much to look forward to. Embrace it now and on-wards, it will help you stay young and healthy.

One thing I have definitely learned over the years is that sex is not about frequency. It is more about quality. From adult star to sex expert and learning about my own sexuality and limitations, I actually now prefer to take my time and enjoy every moment. I have learned to discover and be more aware about relaxing into sex instead of sex just for the hell of it, because it was easy and available. God..I’m starting to sound like a man! Trust me, I’mfar from it, I have way more sex drive than any man!

My career has given me the chance to speak to many people about their sex lives. It is becoming far easier for people to talk about sex now as they realise others are less judgmental. It is nobody else’s business how another person lives their life. I am proud to have helped many on the path to sexual discovery. Hopefully, I can help you too when I finish writing a book on the specialities of sexual performance in the near future.

The age to freely be erotic and experimental and allow yourself pleasure – the era of
“happy sex” – has finally arrived and shows no sign of slowing down! Now everyone will understand why I normally have a smile on my face.

The true pleasure comes from being with someone you can relax with. That is far more satisfying than unrealistic and unsustainable hard-core, orgasm goal orientated sex. After all, the pleasure is in the journey, not the arrival.