You have reached middle age and have come to the conclusion that you need to start living. You may have lost your hair, put on a bit of weight or maybe found yourself single again and want to embrace life with all its luxuries-so what do you do? Do you assume it is a mid-life crisis or do you embrace it and make the most of it.

Many people today are deciding to embrace the mid-life crisis rather than just ignore it, they are starting to look at it as a chance to reinvent themselves and experience new things. Of course many people prefer to stay as they have done for many years, but is this really living life?

There are only two things that are certain in life and these are life and death. So why can’t we squeeze as much into life as we possibly can. After all it’s no trail run.

When you hear the phrase “mid-life crisis,” many people become scared that life is passing them by. They find themselves at 50 and decide it’s time to race around in a brand new sports car, have a tattoo or worse an affair! Maybe they have fond yourself single after 20 years of marriage and its new to them and they dont know where to start. These types of things happen to most when they reach middle age, but many times a midlife crisis is not actually a crisis. Sometimes it’s a chance to reinvent yourself, and why not. 

So many people make endless excuses of why they can’t change their lives, they can’t change their job, or they’re too old to try something new, they don’t have the energy, my partner would go mad, what would others think, and I would not have a clue where to start! The list is endless and they are just excuses, you can change your life and for the better.

When my son left school and made the decison that he did not want to live in London,  I was devastated more than I thought I would. I had been successful in life but was not prepared for it. I waited a few months to see if he would move back but he never. He did remind me of facebook and online banking mind you.

This is when  I decided to look at it as a chance to start again, I moved out of my apartment into a shared house, I resigned from my job and took temp work until I flew to Austrlaia on a holiday 3 months later. My holiday turned into a 6 year relocation!  Why, because I gave myself the opportunity to allow change into my life. It also opened the door for my son when he decided to come back home temporary. My new home in Australia that is.

So what can you do to embrace your mid-life crisis?

Well like me you could go back to school. Trust me, when I say it’s easier at 40 than 15 because  you are not so easily distracted or have a desie to bunk off. You have already lived your wild days and able to concentrate better now.  Even if you dread computers it’s easy, tutors accommodate and do accept paper assignments, if not pay someone to type it up from your notes. I studied overseas and it was fantastic. I got to live in the sunshine with holiday breaks and I worked part-time. It was a fantastic way to gain a degree.

Get into fitness

I took up fitness way before my so called mid-life crisis and I am still into weight training at 42! Maybe you just need to lose a bit of weight, change your eating habits or build your social circle. Think about it, what’s preventing you from doing it? Yes it’s difficult to start with but we adapt to new habits quickly. The mid life crisis is about feeling great, not depressed.


Learn something new, maybe take up a musical instrument or take up tennis, maybe go on a sex education course for adults. Yes they are around. I flew to New York to attend a lesson in sex and I am more experienced than most! I just wanted to learn more.

Start a company 

Start a new business, I set up ‘House Of Ardent’ to share my passion for life and my knowledge at 41. Think about starting a catering business if you like cooking or if you love writing start blogging. You don’t need lots of money to form a company, there are lots of ways you can start a small business all it needs is passion!  Maybe you are worried that you will not make any money from doing what you love. Trust me, there lots of people who start their own businesses from their homes and became successful.

Make new friends and open your circle

Why live the second half of your life surrounded with the same friends as you did the first. There are so many people out there with passion inside of them and there are plenty of ways to meet them. The internet has opened up so many opportunities that there is no excuse not to meet new people.  If you’re a single this is perfect, even if you’re a single parent there are websites and groups for everyone. You just need open yourself to meeting new people and finding new interest.

There will be many thoughts of change that may scare you, and you may try to avoid experiencing things because of fear. Tell yourself it’s an excellent opportunity to improve your life and fulfil your dreams and it will make it so much better. 
I’m not saying go out and grab yourself a sports car, new job or a new partner. I’m saying sit down with a partner if you have one and look at your life. It could be a journey for you both. If your single then its even easier.

Welcome the opportunity to change and embrace it and  use it to open your world.. Don’t worry if it’s only for a  temporary amount of time, or if it goes wrong. The point is we only have one life so live it.

Stop saying ‘If I had my life again” you have and it’s called the mid-life crisis.