There comes a time in life when you simply do not have the urge or desire to instigate sex.  If you head to your pharmacy you are going to be confronted by tones of hormonal replacement therapies, erectile dysfunction medicines and oral contraceptives-take it or leave it they are  (or will be) part of your sexual health and lifestyle.


Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) This is normally prescribed by your doctor, something I have been on for the last 3 years due to early menopause. Before just signing up to it there are a few things you need to take into consideration and ask your doctor. Have you had a blood count to check you are in menopause? Are you or your instant family prone to cancer, mainly breast cancer? If so get screenedHow will HRT enhance or affect your bodily functions? (Bone density is the concern here). How long will the HRT continue?

If you are suffering from hot flushes a natural way to treat menopausal symptoms is to uptake your vitamin E. Sources of Vitamin E are leafy eens, tropical fruits and nuts.

Erectile dysfunction medication(ED) Viagra or Cialis is medicine prescribed by a doctor and is almost exclusively prescribed for men. If you are suffering with this condition, remember it’s a common issue and go see your doctor- this happens in life- its a natural progression as we age. Its also very important to make sure its unrelated to you prostate.

Oral contraception They have been around for years, however they are also being updated and modified all the time. Many myths and truths exist with this pill such as, will it make me fat? Is it really just for teenage skin conditions with no green light for sex?

A consultation with your doctor is the first step with anything and the pill is also prescribed for hormone balancing in grown adults at the peri-menopause stage. You must mention to your doctor if you your family carry the gene that causes blood clots and what other medicines can affect.  

Along with our need of regular plumbing checks  and sexual satisfaction female sex drives are very different to a mans and a lot of it is down to the brain. This is why I mention the above methods on HRT and the contraceptive pill, they help female hormones stay balanced- they are not just for teenagers.


Of course there are many things that contribute to a low sex drive and drug makers are researching to find new products directed at females. I don’t personally think there is going to be a magic pill for women in the near future. However, I have taken the male versions of Viagra and Cialis but it gave me nothing but a dry nose, throat and hay fever symptoms (and put me off sex) as it left me with a stomping headache. My advice for females is agree with the men on this one ladies and admit defeat to sexual arousal pills…


Of course stress, anger and anxiety all contribute to sexual disorders as we age and place unrealistic expectations on ourselves regarding sex – just remeber sex is natural just like hormones. Yes, domestic and physical life also contributes to our sexual desires, I know for sure if I don’t get a good nights sleep the last thing I am looking for is physical sex, more a need for physical rest!

Lets admit us simple human beings are not as simple as we first thought and no short-term nasal spray or sexual arousal cream is going to help cure you long-term and it comes down to having a heath check and regular maintenance..
We are no different to a computer if you get a virus you call out an IT specialist right? If its a car we get  a qualified mechanic to look at it….. a low sex drive is the same, it’s not a problem you have to live with, ask the professional medics.


Hormonesare chemical messengers that are secreted directly into the blood, which carries them to organs and tissues of the body to exert their functions. There are many types of hormonesthat act on different aspects of bodily functions and processes- we are not in charge of them- we need to work with them..