The term ‘Mattress Actress’has been around for years, centuries in fact, only now it’s becoming fashionable and acceptable to be one. I am a firm believer that everyone has the mattress actress/actor inside of them, and I promise you at least one time in your life you will be on the receiving end of one!

Ask yourself, what have you done to get your own way with a partner? Maybe you wanted something like money, nights out, new clothes, free drinks, house repairs, car repairs, holidays, diamonds or something as simple as breakfast in bed . No matter what it is, I bet you have used sex as a bargaining tool to get what you want.

The meaning “Mattress Actress” was originally used to describe “Someone who (usually a women) has sex with someone for financial gain or to gain something”.  You must  also be able to vocally stimulate orgasmic pleasure sounds of a  “Mattress Actress” .

This is easier said than done, trust me!  I performed with gusto each time I made a blue movie, even when shoots over-ran by endless hours.  I wold make sure I was seen as enjoying myself even when directors promised me a hunky male actor then pretended they hadn’t turned up so they could step into the role opposite me!  Even when I was filming my first lesbian scene in a high street hardware store, I convinced viewers all was well, even thought the actresses private parts simply smelt so bad. Or when I was having to face certain male actors who were so ugly they made Ron Jeremy look handsome! I still had to make my performance believable.

My performances were worthy of an Oscar on many occasions!  90% of the time I was enjoying myself.

Faking it!

I believe everyone has faked it during sex at least once, I know guys who have faked cuming, which is damn hard when they  need to explain where their sperm has gone….. Here’s a clue, have you heard“I only cum a little”or “I wanked off earlier, so I have no cum left in me”. Yes girls, we get faked too.

Of course it’s easier for us girls, not all of us can squirt but’s still easy to fake an orgasm. We simply squeeze our vagina with a few pelvic floor contractions and men are none the wiser.  Lets not forget, it’s also great for tightening our vagina too!

I have faked it many times. I have faked it when tired to get the sex over and done with. I have faked it when I have not been in the mood. I have even faked it just to please my partner. I’ve also faked it to avoid an argument, and I’ve used it leave a man! I have even faked it with partners who are stressed they are not good enough for me in bed. (Nothing like putting me under pressure then)! It’s natural to occasionally fake it,  we do not need to be simultaneously and continuously in sync all the time with our partners. Who cares as long as it’s not hurting anyone.

Mattress Actress tips:

First off, lets remember you would have to try damn hard to be bad at sex. Our bodies are built for it and it’s 100% natural. I understand not being experienced may worry you, rest assured, it should not. Your partner will enjoy it. Sex even gets rid of headaches! Imagine you finding your way to a destination. It’s not about the destination,  it’s about the journey.

To spice things up try using ice cubes. They’re great fun. They automatically make nipples aroused, which in turn stimulates the genital area in both men and women. Placing them in a condom then inserting them into the vagina is very stimulating, it makes the vagina contract the muscles. Frozen apple pieces are great for male sexual stimulation when rubbed on the head of the penis, nearly as much as chocolate or cream eaten off the body. Why not try making your personal human knicker blocker glory…

Why not undress your partner with your teeth for a change, variety is the spice of life they say. Your partner will think you’re a god for initiating something  new and different. Then use different positions and angles to make new mental images.

Spice things up by introducing a variety of sex toys, they are great to help someone reach orgasm quicker when time is of the essence.

Pump it up even more by using your teeth, they are great for stimulating the  blood directly to the genital area.  Try nibbling  the end of his penis, or gently nibble her clit, whatever you do, DON’T BITE!  After try a bit of toe sucking, trust me it’s to die for.

Go that extra step and learn some dirty talk.  If you’re worried about how to do it maybe consider ringing a sex chat line for advice. If your honest with the girl on the other end she will most likely explain what, how, and when to say things. Your paying for her time so she will talk.

Learn from porn, I can vouch for all the actors and actresses we were not always in the mood. Porn is just as much about sex, as it is about acting.

Try  role-playing. There are many characters to pick from and it gives you a chance to bring out the real “Mattress Actress”in you.

Being a “Mattress Actress”is a fantastic way to cut a deal with your partner in a way you can both benefit. There is going to be one time your not in sync, so never feel ashamed about acting to please your partner in the bedroom. Sometimes the timing is just wrong,