Every woman and man has an inner bitch. It’s the inner-voice that tells us to fight fire with fire; or to get even. I don’t recommend succumbing to it. I let go of mine some time ago and found my inner goddess and I have never felt better.

The most powerful things any of us can possess are a sense of humour, a taste for adventure, a healthy glow, openness, confidence, humility, appetite, intuition and a host of smart ass comebacks! Add this to the ability to tell a dirty joke or two, and a quick wit, and you are way ahead of the game. Accepting yourself is far more valuable than finding  your inner bitch, with in all honesty if rather ugly.

So many people, especially women, go through life believing their purpose in life is to look
after others. Trust me, I’ve done so much shit for the wrong people. You can only  imagine what I do for the right people! Seriously, I am very proud to say how well I treat people who deserve my support.

Remember the saying “The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life and make you see the sun where once you saw clouds. The people who believe in you so much, that you start to believe in yourself. The people that love you, simply for being you. You know, the once in a lifetime kind of people.

Everyone who has entered your life, especially a partner, has at one point or another made you feel on top of the world. They have made you feel so alive, it’s as if no one else existed or even mattered. So, why let those feelings disappear just because you break up?

If you let go off the positive memories and focus just on the negative, you will only find yourself emotionally drained and worn down, and eventually you will release your “Inner bitch”

I’m sorry if you disagree. I am only ever going to slap you with the truth rather than soften the blow. It’s just who I am. It doesn’t make me a bitch. In fact, it’s the opposite because I am able to say goodbye and thank you or no thank you without guilt. This in turn means I don’t have to be defensive and hide my feelings. I am happy to part company with friends or partners on good terms. In the past, I have explained to friends when I am taking on their emotions too much and need space. Good friends will understand and remain friends. It’s like playing chess – nothing changes unless you make a move.

The art of letting go of your inner bitch is one simple step – learn the answer “NO”. It’s that easy! Right? Well, maybe not right away but trust me once you understand and act on this, your life will become so much easier to manage with less emotional baggage!

I once was a hard-nosed person. I barricaded my heart and suppressed my emotions. These were my loneliest times. I’m so glad I learned to let go and realised that life changes, relationships end, and we need to hold on to the happy memories we have shared with people.

In answering questions asked of me over time, I have learned to contain my inner bitch. Here are some tips for doing so.

When people ask for help on stuff and you can’t or don’t want to help:  simply answer“I would love to help but unfortunately I already have plans.”

In the middle of an argument: try saying “I hear what you say and I will take it on board but right now I need to be by myself”.

Separating from a partner: I suggest using the words “I understand why we are splitting up, I accept this and thank you for all the wonderful times. I wish you well”.

If someone wants you number for a date and you’re not interested: use the old “Thank you but no thanks, I’m flattered but not looking right now”.

Someone gives you a compliment: Just politely say “thank you”.
Whether you’re hard-nosed, emotionally strong or less than confident, never be afraid to do something for yourself. People will judge you whatever choices you make in life. And they have no idea of the struggles you have been through to be who and what and where you are in life.

The way to help you build a successful happy life is to experience love, loss, risk, hard work, failures, persistence, actions, courage, doubts, criticism, disappointments, rejections and sacrifices – without letting out your inner-bitch.

Trust me, the best way to enjoy your success is to let go of negative energy and embrace  your inner goddess (or god).