We all know it can be painful to admit when we have made a bad decision, but how long do we have to pay the price for our mistake? Maybe it’s a career choice and people don’t like what path you have chosen (I know this one) and they think you should change, or maybe it was because of what partner you choose to be with, or not to be with. Maybe it’s the choice you made for yourself to protect yourself, or maybe you made a mistake on something else only they considered wrong.

When is it time for us stop having to live with criticism and judgement? It’s human nature to be optimistic and want success in everything we choose, so why can’t we do it our own way and make our own mistakes.

I have been harshly judged for decisions I made for myself from my career to my choice of partner. The choices I made for myself were made for my benefit, not anyone one else’s. They were not mistakes to me. Yes, I have made mistakes like everyone else, I then repaired them myself and asked no one to pay the price for my mistake apart from me.

Unfortunately no matter what happens in life and whatever choices you make for yourself others will judge you, how you deal with thier opinions is your only choice. People will judge you all the time but let them, all you need to remeber is that their opinions are not your problem. Remind yourself no matter what you say or do in life it will not please everyone, just make sure you don’t doubt yourself. 

How you choose to recover from your mistakes you should do in a way that is best for you, not them. 

.So what do you do if you have made a mistake?

Acknowledge it

You have to recognise it and act quickly,  you can’t just brush it aside and hope it goes away, it won’t! . Everyone of us hates putting all our efforts into something for it not work out especially when we have invested our time, finances and effort . However we have to acknowledge it’s not worked at some stage and deal with it. This is not a bad thing, not trying is.

If you are in a relationship that everyone told you was not going to work, so what you gave it a shot! Should you stay and make it work even though you know it’s a loss cause? The answer is, no. Why should you, you have a life to live. Your living and learning.

Maybe you have made a bad investment by leaving one job for another and it’s not worked out as you first thought, do you stay? No, you find another job. Note-never leave your job to be unemployed,  you cope by knowing your be moving on.

The saying  ‘you made your bed, you lie in it’ is the biggest load of bollocks I have ever heard, unfortuantly it shows how unkind come people can be. Yes, you may have made a mistake-so what! If they only want to offer negative comments like this tell them to keep their opinions to themselves.Or help you.

You will never recover from a mistake if you do nothing about it so rather than dragging it out and wasting time, money and effort quickly acknowledge it and accept it for yourself. Do not let others repeatedly put you down and keep paying for it, its abuse. Move on.

Recognise it

Once you have recognised you have made a mistake, you have the chance to repair it and move on. Not all mistakes are disastrous, infact very few are. You may realise you have learnt something from the experience, well done.

The one lesson you should have recognised is that you took the chance, that’s positive and the only negative is that it never worked, but it’s not a disaster, it’s a hiccup. You can and will survive

Learn from it

Ask yourself, could you have foreseen it? Would it have worked if you had?

The answer is most likely again is, no! See it as a lesson learnt but do not treat it as a life sentence, don’t hold yourself a prisoner because of it. Remind yourself you’re human and you are not perfect. Every single one of us is allowed to make mistakes ans we have to take from them and learn from them, this is how we grow. Be thankful for the experience you gave yourself and give yourself a high-five for taking the opportunity to try it. Your braver than you realise.

Share what you have learnt

It’s very easy once we are over the situation to just sweep it under the carpet and pretend it never happened. But there is no power if you do not take responsibility.  If you are to blame for the relationship break down or what ever mistake it is, you need to own up to it and not go blaming the innocent party. It’s not fair. They are not the reason it went wrong so don’t let them pay the price for you. Making a bad decision is part of life, not owning up to it is worse. It’s ok to say you’re not 100% perfect, but being honest should be a big percentage of you.


Dont try to please everyone, be yourself and always make your own choices.