Men beware! Women are now getting their own back and rating guys out of 10 in the bedroom stakes. Think about it – how many stars would  you get if you were rated? The new Lulu app is up and running and letting women use hashtags as shorthand. It’s massive in the USA right now, and sure to reach the rest of the world soon.

Life is stressful, and women are looking for men to help relieve it. In fact, they have no shame in asking for it, and now they’re rating it! Oh shame on us women… or is it just Karma that women are beginning to be like men are starting to find their sense of humour and be more relaxed around sex?

Trust me guys, women do not hold back. So here are a few tips to make sure you get rated highly.

Sense of humour

Women love to laugh. In fact, the more you make us laugh the greater your chances are of not only getting laid but getting invited back for seconds!

Know your comical limitations. Don’t try too hard. Start by telling her an embarrassing story about yourself. Everyone loves to laugh at someone else’s humorous experiences. It will make you look confident, which women love! Trust me women are on the lookout for men to be able to make them laugh, and you will rate highly if you can.

And remember also – we love a man with a great smile, even a cheeky one.

A good work ethic

This is a clear winner. If you have a job, then you have a chance of winning the woman also. It shows you’re a responsible guy, with a decent income and not one who relies on handouts.

Don’t worry if you don’t earn as much as her. Women are getting past that. To be honest the pay gap is out the window, woman don’t need a man to make them feel financially  secure any more. They are capable of doing it on their own. Just show them you are capable of looking after yourself.

Oh, and never ever whine about your job. Instead, just say you have bigger plans for yourself and this is a step to get where you want! Women can’t stand men that moan. It makes them appear weak.

Dress well and try to dance

I absolutely adore a man who dresses well. It doesn’t have to be Armani suits. It simply needs to be clean, tidy and well ironed.

I’ve been in Australia for 5 years – on and off – and spent most of it single. This is largely because Aussie men just don’t cut the mustard by wearing thongs and boards shorts! My vote on dressing well goes to British men hands down – so keep it up.

Women love men that make the effort to dress well. It shows they are making an effort on a night out. It also shows respect.

Try choosing a pair of dark jeans with a new pair of shoes. Trust me, shoes reveal a man in more ways than you can imagine. Make sure they’re stylish and slim. Oh, and women don’t believe a man’s penis is the same size as his feet – trust me on this one!

And do try to dance. Men who can dance are a great tun on. If you can dance latino, trust me, you are guaranteed to attract the ladies. I once fell for a man who asked me to dance. He could dance perfect ballroom. It just made me so weak at the knees I went home with him. So try to dance to a Barry White song, or to a bit of Ricky Martin. Your rating will be much higher.

Love your family

The more the man shows love for his family, the more it shows he can care for a partner. It may also show either he wants one of his own or is happy to accept someone else’s. Women want to know men have the same desires as they do, even if kids and marriage are a long time off. Loving your family shows you are empathetic and emotionally available.

There are any number of other ways to demonstrate this capacity – even by doing the occasional babysitting, or stopping to pat a dog in the street. These acts show your ability to care for others, and your emotional and a loving nature. 

Good luck!