Do you know how to have an Orgasm?

Men and women are built very differently and contain different understanding of speech and actions. Maybe you think your body is broken and does not cum, or maybe you really don’t know how to have an orgasm.

The main reason people don’t seek help with understanding orgasms is because they are too embarrassed to talk about it. Many think their body is broken, or they simply may not match their partner. When this happens a majority of people eventually give up on sex, making life one of frustration and worry. If someone does not want to talk about sex, or what problem they think they have-then its tangent, so let’s get over it.

The first step of talking about the embarrassment of sex, is to take sex out of the question. You don’t need to talk about sex, but you do need to eventually talk about why you don’t want to talk to your partner about sex! 

Unfortuantly too many people still believe romance novels, cosmopolitan magazine, Oprah and Tracey Cox, and guess what-none of them are qualified in sex or the anatomy. That’s like asking a mechanic to fix your teeth!

Approaching the subject of sex, is made easier if you first explain that you’re embarrassed about talking about sex. It takes the weight off your partner who has probably been thinking it’s their problem. When you’re embarrassed about talking about sex, then you’re going to be embarrassed about talking about vibrators too.  Trust me, many men and women still have no idea about what size to start with, how to use them correctly, and even what size to use! So you can see, sex is not that simple to understand.

Some people are still under the illusion that every time you have sex, you need to have an orgasm, talk about pressure! Do you know only 24% come through intercourse alone. The rest is through other sexual activity and masturbation. Making it not “normal”to have an orgasm through intercourse. I bet you don’t feel so alone now. You may love your partner, they may be a fantastic lover, attentive, loving, caring and they make you happy, but are you having orgasms?

What is it about intercourse you think should make you have an orgasm? The vagina is not a sexual organ to many, many women know they can’t have an orgasm through intercourse. But many men assume they are satisfying the females with penetrated sex…. and to many women are faking it.  The vagina is a secondary sexual organ. The clitoris needs rubbing, vibrating or tapping, but many women are too scared to talk about sex to explain this, and some men feel a failure in bed if you can’t come through intercourse.

But let’s not go blaming anyone to soon, teachers in some countries are not allowed to talk about pleasuring the clitoris and the enjoyment of sex, they would lose their jobs. So it is not surprising that a lot of male and females don’t know much about talking about sex. So rest assured you are not alone. The art of talking about sex, is not to pretend to be a master of it. The key is communication.