They don’t use the word Karma for nothing as Donald Trump is now finding out as in simple words, Karma means “What you do, you will get that later”.

Most of us have something in our past which we want to hide. However living with it is one matter and trying to hide it is even worse. At one point in your present relationship, or your last, there would have been a time when you had a set of challenges because of something you had done, this is because unsurprisingly things carry through from past relationships to your present one.

It’s very likely that at some point what you done in your past-good or bad could catch up with you, mostly concerning how you have treated others or the way they treated you. When it does this is the time to own responsibility for your actions, if you messed up in the past then you need to own that mistake for your present relationship to have any chance of working, trust me it will earn you a lot of respect in the long run if you do.

Not doing so could doom your relationship before it even gets of the ground. My recent post concerning Trump in which I said “With the best of intentions for safeguarding others I advise you not to deny sleeping with the porn star Stormy Daniels”This is because it would be in his best interest to do so, after all many successful people are time poor, and have human needs for intimacy. I also have first hand knowledge that this is truth and he should protect those close to him by being honest.

Honesty brings Happiness

One thing that will happen if you don’t own responsibility for your actions and behaviour is the possibility you will be restricting yourself of happiness because of guilt of hiding secrets. In order for any relationship to stand the test of time you need to have structure, honesty and respect. Otherwise you’re not going to know what or how the relationship will develop as it is built on lies and deceit.

If you are already in a relationship which is committed then the extra effort on your part to be honest and address any past issues will only deepen the bond you and your partner have. You need to make each other a priority and create something new and fresh and not build on hidden secrets. If you do need to get something off your chest plan somewhere to talk that is on neutral ground and ask them to hear you out. Do not let anyone else have the opportunity to ruin your relationship by revealing past secrets you have.

If you’re not attached then this is an excellent opportunity for you to make positive changes. You may feel lonely well your single but it is better than having to lie, or continue a lie and ruin someone’s else’s happiness because you are lonely. The guilt will never let you have a settled relationship if you hide things or rush into a relationship to soon.


Don’t be too quick to rush into another relationship if your single and choose your time right if you need to own responsibility for something you have to own up to in your present relationship. You need to pay attention to what makes your partner feel comfortable, make this situation happen and at this time ask them if they can hear you out well you tell them something. Make the conversation about them and how you don’t want to lie to them, hurt them, or be dishonest with them. Your own fears are your worst enemy and you may face criticism from others, however just remember their opinion is not fact. One thing to do is not feed the crisis, being honest does not have to be a drama.

Staying Positive

Being honest you are giving yourself the opportunity to have stable relationships, and give you the relationships that you wish to have, and manifest the life you want to lead. If love is what you are seeking, then take it seriously. Focus on making positive changes, and watch how this will turn around for the better. Trust me being dishonest or hiding secrets of your past, or present can lead to medical illness such as anxiety, guilt, insomnia and depression to name a few, these can easily be lifted off your shoulders if you own up and own your responsibility in a relationship.