I was recognised in the The Sun newspaper as being one of the most sought after sex and relationship therapist in the UK, assisting Shane Warne does have its benefits. My first article written by me was in fact about Shane and his dating antics which were published all over the newspapers nearly two years ago, therefore it must have been fate that I would eventually meet and work with him.

I am sure there are times in your own live when you have felt that fate had lent its hand, or you were simply in the right place at the right time, but how would it feel to be in complete charge of your life, your relationships and your future happiness, well you can.

Many people are falling into the trap of serial dating and rebound relationships which can cause agonising self-inflicted pain. Past partners are not to blame for your present or future relationships going wrong, you are the one person responsible for how you behave and how you package the past to be able to move forward.

No one person is to blame for our past relationships affecting our future ones apart from ourselves.

It has been recognised that self investment in singles relationship therapy is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you wish to have successful relationships, it may seem strange and weird to seek relationship therapy for yourself at first but trust me you are not alone. people from all walks of life are asking for assistance in understanding their relationships patterns in order to make changes within themselves and who they choose to have a relationship with in the future.

After a break up

Weather you ended the relationship or not it can feel like you are stuck in a situation with emotions running riot, you may be finding it hard to cope with the feelings of sadness, anger, loss, guilt and this can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. It may be a relationship that ended yesterday or years ago, if it’s having a negative impact on your outlook of relationships then I highly suggest seeking confidential assistance.

Negative habits

If you are repeatedly dating the same kind of people, your relationships all end with drama, you feel you are updatable or have unhealthy expectations of relationships then you really need to invest in yourself to understand yourself in a relationship. By exploring your past relationships and looking into your history you can start to make better choices for yourself and your future.


Future relationships

Working out what you want from a relationship, who your potential ideal partner is, or simply how you understand yourself is the first step needed to make you have success at dating. Fear of rejection or issues around self confidence will hold you back which is why spending some time with a professional and working out your values, deal breakers and expectations will help you recognise who you can have a happy and healthy relationship with. Its a chance to figure what is holding you back and what you are telling yourself that has a negative impact on dating again.

Knowing yourself

Can you imagine being in a situation with no bondries, no stable ground and uncertainty concerning your relationship, it would be draining, Rules and respect in a relationship is a must so you dont say six months down the line “I never signed up for this”.. You need to know what you have signed up for.

Relationships are an investment just like a house or car and you need to understand the terms and conditions as you enter the contract. Knowing what you want and accept in a relationship will make sure you pair up with the right partner, if you jump in without any idea of what you accept or want then the relationship is likely to be doomed. You need boundries set so you can take responsibility for allowing them to be broken if you allow it to happen. No one can make you do something you don’t want to, not one person can hurt you unless you let them and no one is responsible for how you feel. Yes, you have emotions and no relationship is without its hurdles but you are not alone.

New beginnings

To be able to move on and get back into healthy relationships you need to let go off past anger, past upset and past expectations so you can start a fresh. You need to look for ways to find lasting love, you need to try new things and make sure your self esteem is vibrant.

Be couragious, believe you can be happy and dont put limits on your hopes and aspirations.

Think positive and be ready to catch yourself when you start to have negative thoughts, have a rescue plan for yourself when you head starts playing tricks on you.

Write down positive things about yourself and keep it within reach so you can remind yourself of how well you are doing.

If you are having issues getting over a relationship feel free to inbox me and I will see if I can help you understsand yourself.

Remember, love is a wonderful feeling so treat yourself