Over the
last20 years cosmetic surgery has risen at a substantial rate for both men and women who are wanting to maintain their youthful appearance, yet there is one area that provides both sexual and emotional satisfaction for women which is being ignored. The female sex area is one place that needs to be looked after and maintained just as much the outside exterior and not just by grooming. The vagina plays an important role in a female’s life as it provides many things such as emotional balance, emotional and sexual pleasure and reproduction.

As we age the outside body shows signs of sagging and so does the inside. Many women don’t think about their inner self until something goes wrong, when in fact we should be maintaining its ageing process just as we do the outside.

I was introduced to the CO2RE Intima Laser machine for Vaginal Rejuvenation which that is the ideal solution for a comprehensive treatment for internal vagina canal and the outside of the vulva area treatments. Many women suffer from several conditions which affect the inner vagina such as collapse of the bladder into the vagina or the bowel collapsing into the Vagina. Birth is also a major experience that can leave the inner vagina with loose tissue-vagina laxity which can affect intercourse and urinary issues. It is reported that urinary incontinence between young adults is 20-30%, middle age 30-40% and elderly 30-50% showing that this is not just an issue for elder people. Menopause is also a contributing factor which can leave many women feeling unattractive which leads to sexual confidence issues as the vagina can dry up and make sexual intercourse painful, this is known as Vagina Vulvar Atrophy or Atrophic Vaginitus.

 “There are many women unable to take HRT during menopause who would really benefit from this treatment, this treatment is what women have needed for some time, women want to feel youthful both on the inside and outside and this is a much better overall than the risk of undergoing surgery, this will provide long-lasting rejuvenation and provide relief from many health issues”.

Being a woman like myself who exercises everyday and performs more squats than hours of the week, I told her I wanted proof to see for myself if this treatment really works. Not wanting to take up the offer of my own vagina rejuvenation I passed the opportunity over to my fellow Counsellor Kelly Berg to embrace, Kelly said she is more than willing to embrace this opportunity as she has had a child and is now  in the age bracket where peri-menopause can happen at anytime and as she cares for the outside appearance she wants to know how to feel youthful on the inside.

Suggested treatments are x 3 spread apart by 6 weeks. Down time after the procedure is 3 days and intercourse should be avoided for 7 days.

Kelly will have her first appointment this Sunday 1st October at the Aesthetic Skin Clinic in Kingston Upon Thames. We will be providing a step by step interview of the procedure .