Many people are under the assumption that sex begins with foreplay, but in all honesty I can’t stand the word, simply because using the word foreplay implies there’s going to be intercourse, and it may not.

So what is foreplay and what does it contain?  This is a question I am asked often and my usual answer is well what do you think sex is?  You will be amazed how many people can not answer this question and look at me dumbstruck.

This is real essential question that every couple faces, that every individual faces at sometime in their life, yet practically no one talks about it, let alone able to answer it. Many people are in a trance regarding sex, they know that real sex is  penetrated intercourse, but beyond that they have no idea. Sex is about feeling great, feeling aroused and sexual desire.

We all know that real sex, even if it’s not intercourse, is certainly genital sex. That’s real sex for sure, but yet many people think everything else seems to be classed as second-rate or foreplay.  We all know that real sex is with another partner. When we are by ourselves it’s just masturbation.  However It’s not just masturbation as most people masturbate a lot more than they actually have sex making it rather important don’t you think. And it gives us sexual gratifcation.

I don’t like the word ‘foreplay’because foreplay implies that there is going to be intercourse, and there may not be. What If two people are kissing and cuddling and they plan to have intercourse. They are groping one other, kissing, tounging, fingering,wanking or having mouth sex, and then all of a sudden the orgasm arrives, cum gets released and intercourse is forgotten about. Oh no, they didn’t have real sex.. does that make it any less sexual? No.

Too many people put themselves under pressure thinking they must have intercourse for it to be classed as sex, when in all honesty anything that includes stimulating one another in means of fondling, nibbling, flirting, toe sucking, fingering are all forms of sex play, and people can engage in whichever part they want, even licking, sucking and cum play. They don’t have to worry about whether it is real sex or not.I is sex.

What people need to understand is sex play  is just as satisfying, and sometimes more pleasuring than intercourse itself, which is why I don’t ever use the word foreplay, it is all sex. Sex is anything that is sexual, penetrated or not.

It’s also used by many to excuse adultery, they say ‘‘It was just foreplay, we never had sex”. Let me ask you, ‘have you ever had foreplay that never inlcuded anything sexual?’the answer is most likely a no.